Strength Pack

  • 3 Pack

3 Pack

  • $50.00
  • $60.00
  • - $10.00

Focused on strength but also looking to add some versatility ?

Try our 3 pack that includes our 3 heavier strengths (mid low, mid high, high) of our heavy-duty fabric Rezistance bands. 

You can use our different bands for warm up, adding intensity to your exercises, or on their own for a great low body workout. Talk about versatility! 



    • "I love the fact that these bands are SUPER high quality and not those cheap rubber bands Other bands would make marks on my legs and snap up always, but these are much better and way more effective!"
      - Kristina
    • "This has made a massive difference for my workouts - especially when travelling. Not all hotels have a gym so I always make sure I pack my bands so I can workout wherever and whenever I want"
      - Lucas
    • "Awesome to add to my yoga and workout routines I eventually worked my way up to using a pink for some poses - what a challenge! I would definitely recommend giving it a try"
      - Judy