• Heavy Rezistance Band
  • Heavy Rezistance Band

Heavy Rezistance Band

This is our Heavy rezistance band designed for those looking for a band capable of doing it all. This band will give you more of a challenge than our Medium band, but not quite as challenging as the Extra Heavy band yet!

This band is a great step up from the Medium (blue) band, especially if you are still wanting a good burn with mid-high rep ranges. 


All of our bands are a durable cotton loop resistance band that can be used in the gym, for CrossFit, yoga or during a home workout. With our non-slip technology, you do not have to worry about the bands snapping up during your squats or any other type of exercise. Our bands are also latex-free and made of a cotton and elastic blend. Available in a variety of colours/resistances.

Slowly increase your resistance level for a progressive increase in strength. We are here to try and help you reach your goals and look good doing it!

  • $20.00