• Peachy Light Rezistance Band
  • Peachy Light Rezistance Band

Peachy Light Rezistance Band

Our Peachy Light Rezistance Band is perfect for your every day workouts! It can be used for upper and lower body workouts making it extra versatile. If you are looking for an extremely high quality band that is perfect for any setting, then this is the band for you. 

We recommend this band to beginners or those looking for an excellent addition to high intensity workouts. Perfect for the high-rep range!


All of our bands are a durable cotton loop resistance band that can be used in the gym, for CrossFit, yoga or during a home workout. With our non-slip technology, you do not have to worry about the bands snapping up during your squats or any other type of exercise. Our bands are also latex-free and made of a cotton and elastic blend. Available in a variety of colours/resistances.

Slowly increase your resistance level for a progressive increase in strength. We are here to try and help you reach your goals and look good doing it!

  • $19.99